The future is JUWO Evolved SmartWall™

Chris Dewhirst of JUWO Evolved Smartwall™  discusses the benefits of this innovative monolithic clay block system using thin joint adhesive technology, providing a structural, ecological and sustainable solution for all your architectural needs.

JUWO Evolved SmartWall™ is a complete building system, meeting thermal requirements from building regulations to Passivhaus in a single block. The range offers an extensive range of blocks – all thermally efficient, structural and sustainable, providing architects and developers with a wide range of options, depending on the aesthetics and performance you want to achieve.

The system offers block types and sizes to meet any thermal requirement you may have from 0.28 U Value through to 0.11 U value, all in a single block without the need for any additional insulation, cavities or wall ties.

JUWO Evolved SmartWall™ ThermoPlan aerated clay blocks are manufactured to a tolerance of 1mm in height and come as a complete system that includes corner and end blocks, lintel-Ring beam U blocks and shaped blocks, as well as steel insulated lintels to suit all opening sizes.

The system is easy to work with on site and blocks can be easily cut using an oscillation saw.

The adhesive layer is applied using a roller applicator ensuring that the correct quality of adhesive is delivered onto the block surface. The thin joint adhesive mortar uses nearly 85% less water, therefore improving drying out times for a faster build.

The system comes complete with all the necessary ancillary items including an energy efficient insulated foundation system, clay and Insulated Steel Box lintels, fixings and finishing plasters, renders and Brick slips options. Full ‘on site’ training can be provided if required.

The JUWO Evolved SmartWall™ ThermoPlan S, MZ & RX Ranges all offer:

  • Environmentally sound – natural, ecological, sustainable materials
  • Single solid breathing wall construction
  • Completely vapour permeable
  • Thermal insulation: Excellent thermal conductivity λ 0.06 to 0.09 W/(mK)
  • Constant indoor climate
  • Meets and exceeds Part L requirements
  • No additional insulating layers, can meet Passivhaus in a single layer
  • Dry from the very beginning
  • Perfect handling with minimal upkeep costs
  • Quick construction time
  • No Cavities – No additional Insulation – No Specialist Wall Ties and fixings
  • Meeting and exceeding “The Future Homes Building Standards”

The system is ideal for all residential and commercial developments and has LABC approval.

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