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Latest Issue : Building Envelope 2022

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  • ON THE COVER: The Spine by AHR, located in a new ‘health campus’ in Liverpool, is the new WELL Platinum headquarters of the Royal College of Physicians, its performance assisted by an innovative glass facade. Cover image © Dan Hopkinson. For the full report on this project, go to page 12.
  • Dr Jonathan Evans from Ash & Lacy says that recent safety regulations do not stifle innovation in envelope design, and as a result the UK is on the verge of a ‘meritocracy’ that will benefit future buildings.
  • The requirement for an open cavity with ventilated facade systems can present a challenge when it comes to ensuring the passive fire safety of the building envelope, as Graham Laws from Siderise Insulation explains.
  • Additional features, interviews and comments from Knauf Insulation, Construction Specialities (CS), BDA, Spanwall, and more.

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