Winners of the 2017 Tile of Spain Awards

First prize in the Architecture category of the Tile of Spain Awards has been awarded to Bodega Mont-Ras by Jorge Vidal and Víctor Rahola.

The project is characterised by the close connection between the construction of a winery and the winemaking process, both inextricably linked to experiences with the land. Fired-clay tiles by Cerámica Elias were used to create vaults that allow overhead light to enter the spaces.

The panel of judges particularly valued the industrial and rustic materials used in the project, which also reflects the capacity of the chosen materials to adapt to the layout of the various spatial geometries, adding a strong sense of character to the entire setting.

A special mention was given to the project entitled extension and renovation work on the Gon-Gar repair shop by NUA arquitectures. The challenges presented in this construction were successfully resolved using ceramic materials to generate an overall appearance fully in keeping with its environment, adding a sense of modernity to an unusual urban location and programme.

A second special mention was given to the Santacreu Hotel on the Island of Tabarca by Diego López Fuster + SUBARQUITECTURA. The judges commended the use of ceramic tiles that flow from the exterior to the interior, with a break in continuity drawing the eye to certain points of interest, such as the open rooftop courtyard, as well as the use of ceramic tiles in the interior to form a sharp chromatic contrast with the exterior.

The panel of judges comprised architects Iñaki Ábalos (Chair), Ángela García Paredes, Ricardo Bak Gordon, Víctor Navarro, Moisés Puente, Martín Azúa and Ramón Monfort.