Unveiling the future: New Year, New Plant, New Website, New Mortar Colours!

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability has led us to commission an additional manufacturing plant for 2024, allowing us to increase our product offerings and provide an even better service to our valued clients, throughout the whole of the UK.

Introducing Our New Manufacturing Plant:

The new plant represents a significant milestone for us, the importance of sustainable building practices and is testament to the increased demand, for a modern-day, pre-mixed, hydraulic lime mortar.

With three plants and a manufacturing capacity of over 500 tonnes a day, available in 25kg bags, 1 Tonne bulk bags and 30 Tonne Silos, this confirms our position, as the UK’s leading manufacturer of pre-mixed, hydraulic lime mortar.

Reduced Pricing:

We’re thrilled to announce that, thanks to our expansion and the launch of a new manufacturing plant, we’ve not only maintained competitive pricing for 2024 but have managed to reduce our prices, ensuring even greater value for our customers.

New Mortar Range: Click here to view our new Range

This expansion has allowed us to develop a complete new range of natural and coloured mortars, including lighter colours, that were not available before.

We believe these additions will not only meet but exceed your expectations, for a sustainable, cement mortar alternative.

New Website: Click there to view our new website

To showcase our latest offerings, we invite you to explore our new website.

The website features an array of educational content and useful information about our sustainable hydraulic lime mortar.

In the ‘Professionals’ area, you’ll find resources such as the ability to order sample mortar sticks, sample mortar bags and additional information, to assist you in making informed decisions for your projects.

Click here to join our professionals

We are confident that these enhancements will make a positive impact on your experience with our products and we encourage you to take advantage of the valuable resources available on our new site.