Trivaus Garenne Campus, Clamart

The new sports hall in Clamart has benefitted from BEMO standing seam products to both roof and façade. The centre is designed around three separate areas, two internal and one external.

The unique design, by architects Gaetan Le Penheul, demanded a complex free-flowing shape to the building. BEMO-MONRO was chosen as it allows complex geometry to be achieved using patented roll-forming technology and in-house 3D engineering. BEMO were involved in the early design stages, and this strong collaboration between the planners ensured a smooth, steady and easily produced surface could be developed.

BEMO designed and produced 417 unique standing seam panels, combining MONRO, convex and concave shapes to create the fluid appearance.

As part of the engineering package, BEMO designed and supplied the BEMO-DOME substructure. This flexible system involves a tubular system, curved to suit the geometry, onto which the aluminium halters can be secured. The shape of the tube and unique connection method allows halter adjustment in more than one plane.

The sports hall provides evidence that early involvement in the planning, and strong cooperation with architects provides the grounding for a successful project.