Colour and texture expand the use of metal in architecture


Powdertech Corby specializes in ­­developing and applying unique ranges of powder coating materials that follow trends in design and developments in technology. Metals are rightly prized for their striking appearance and can offer a wide variety of styles to the designer and architect. Clinical, modern, technological steel, warm and homely copper and bronze

, vintage or industrial rusted steel and verdigris copper. Powdertech’s Evolution™ and Anomatch™ ranges of finishes reflect the beautiful shades and textures of patination on metal and smooth mesmeric anodised aluminium, at the same time as protecting the metal from corrosion and weathering. New shades in both these ranges will be available in 2021. 

Aluminium and steel can also be transformed to appear as other materials, especially useful when, for instance, the look of stone, wood or terracotta is required, but without the weight or expense of these materials. Powdertech has a Landscape™ range of finishes that include over 30 different colours resembling the shades and textures of Terracotta and of Stone; all can be used on aluminium and steel.  The warmth and comfort of terracotta has become very popular over the past year, perhaps reminiscent of the holidays we are missing. Powdertech Wood

Finish, in 35 shades, smooth and texture finish, has been popular for many years and is A2 fire rated.

There are many exciting developments in texture for architectural metals and these work particularly well with Powdertech’s Collections, where the colours can achieve an even richer more vibrant hue across the textured surface offering exciting alternatives for interior designers and landscape architects.

Where once, powder coatings simply fulfilled their primary role as metal protectors, they are now a design element in their own right, celebrating the natural beauty of metal or transforming that metal into another material entirely. Follow Powdertech Corby on Linked In and Instagram to stay in touch with our latest additions to Powdertech Collections.